Peak efficiency from any mechanical system can only be achieved with proper maintenance. Sea-Aire offers routine and systematic maintenance examinations to Aire operating system. During our quarterly inspections, we lubricate necessary moving parts, wash coils and drains, make necessary adjustments, change and/or clean filters, check belts, pulleys, pressures, and electrical connections, as well as general housekeeping of the equipment. We provide our customers with a report of our service and advise of any additional repairs necessary for efficient and economical of their equipment.

Commercial HVAC Service

Offering Commercial Air Conditioning installation, repair, maintenance service, and complete replacement services for commercial properties throughout the Puget Sound.

Commercial Controls

Commercial and industrial HVAC control for temperature control, fresh air circulation, and filtration.

Commercial Refrigeration

Sea-Aire delivers best-in-class commercial refrigeration products, maintenance, and repair services to food service and industrial business.